Calf Housing for Health & Welfare Grant

To build new, upgrade or replace existing calf housing.
( Calves 7 days to 6 months old )
Grant Funding is 40% of the expected project cost.
Grant funding available is between £15,000 & £500,000


Project Requirements:
• Calves MUST NOT be kept individually from 7 days old.
• Building must be designed to maintain a suitable ambient environment.
• Calves must NOT share airspace with or be downwind of older cattle.
• Must have minimum available area per calf of 3m2 for calves up to 100kg, 4m2 for calves up to 150kg and 5m2 for calves above 150kg.
• Have a solid concrete floor (sloping 5% in the bedding area)
• Have straw bedding.
• Have permanent draught proof walls a minimum of 1.2m high.
• Must include one enrichment item per pair of calves.
• Include temperature and humidity sensors.

If solar panels are included within the project these can be funded at 25% of eligible costs.
You must have 11 or more cattle registered to your holding.
You must either own the land or have a tenancy of 5years or more on the project land.
The proposed building must be a permanent building, securely attached to a foundation.

The application process will require detailed information on the project including building design, quotes and letters of support from your farm VET.

If you require further information, please contact:
Karen Shuttleworth or Molly Dakin: 01756 692 900

Full details are available on the RPA website:,to%20open%20later%20this%20summer

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